At Husky Ventures, we take pride in our ability to capitalize our years of experience and provide a history of proven successes.

Chuck Long


Chuck Long is the President of Husky Ventures. Chuck has been an operator of mid-continent properties for approximately two decades. Chuck prides himself on being a hands-on operator who takes charge to address the issues that can develop when you are in the oil & gas business. He believes in transparency, hard work, dedication, and building a strong team. These qualities have brought Husky success over the years. Chuck enjoys fishing, horses, and working on-location.

Jerry McCraw

Superintendent of Drilling Operations

Jerry has drilled wells for the past 54 years. His past experience includes work as directional drilling supervisor with Exxon, Mobile, Texaco and Shell to name a few. He owned and operated 4 drilling rigs for 8 years having drilled to 23,000 vertical depth in Oklahoma on multiple occasions. Jerry’s oversight and management of Husky’s drilling operations continues to provide Husky with an edge that enables Husky to achieve outstanding success.

Dave Green

Superintendent of Completions and Production Operations

Dave’s 43 years of intense experience includes 20 years with Otis Engineering and Halliburton in cementing, fracing, downhole packers & well bore completions. Dave spent 15 years as a consulting supervisor with Tres Management on wells site work overs, completions and production. His last assignment with Tres positioned him with Questar where for a 2 year stretch he was completing 3 new wells per month while training their new petroleum engineers coming out of college.Along with his other responsibilities, Dave currently oversees 4 to 5 new completions each month and over 75 wells currently in production.

April Glidewell

Senior Accounting Manager

April Glidewell has over 20 years of experience covering all aspects of oil and gas accounting. As Senior Accounting Manager, she oversees Husky’s internal accounting including account reconciliation, preparation of JIBs, and working interest disbursements. She offices out of the Oklahoma City office.

Steven Pinta

Exploration Manager

Steve serves as Chief Geologist and Geophysicist for Husky Ventures.  He is uniquely qualified with a B.S in Geology and a B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s in Geology from the University of Utah. Steve has extensive experience in multiple basins across the United States which include the Rocky Mountain regions (Powder River, Green River, Paradox) the Appalachian region (Marcellus Shale), the Permian Basin (Wolfcamp Shale), and multiple Oklahoma Basins with such notable companies as Schlumberger and Devon.His work in the field and overall experience provides valuable insight needed to optimize the drilling and completion of wells in formations that Husky exploits in the Mid Continent region.