Oil and Gas E&P
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An independent oil and gas exploration and production company.

At Husky Ventures, we focus on on-shore development projects where we feel our decades of experience allows us to derisk opportunities we seek to exploit with the drillbit.  In most instances, this is accomplished through numerous tools including well logs and other data points that allow us to identify opportunities today utilizing modern drilling and completion techniques.  We have a focus on the mid-continent region of the United States and are currently developing projects in both Kansas and Oklahoma.


Geologic formations may contain large quantities of oil or gas, but have a poor flow rate due to low permeability, or from damage or clogging of the formation during drilling. This is particularly true for tight sands, shales and coalbed methane formations.

Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking, which rhymes with cracking) stimulates wells drilled into these formations, making profitable otherwise prohibitively expensive extraction. Within the past decade, the combination of hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling has opened up shale deposits across the country and brought large-scale natural gas drilling to new regions.